The Dandelion in the Spring

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Gale tries to speak to Rory after the Rebellion ends.

Haymitch told me where they had placed the casket, and it was the one place I knew he’d be.

He is standing beside it, his shaking palm splayed across the oak top, and he’s murmuring to himself. It’s as though he’s talking to her; telling Prim his final words, his last goodbye. The truth that he had never been able to proclaim in life (much like his brother) - that he loved her.

I walk slowly, and my footsteps echo across the large room. Rory spins around, his eyes bloodshot and his face blotched from tears, and he lets his hand drop from the casket.

I’ve never seen so much hate from one person before.

"Go away," he hisses, his fists clenching. "I said, get the hell out of here. You don’t deserve to be near her -“

"Rory, please -"

"No!" he screams. He is trembling from head to toe, vibrating with anger and grief and despair, and I hate how tortured his young face looks. He’s too young for this much emotion; I had worked so hard, all my life, to prevent him from feeling this.

And now, I’m the reason that he is.

"You killed her," he whispers. "You, Gale. And your stupid bomb and your ridiculous army needs and -"

"Rory, I never meant -"

"I don’t care, Gale. I don’t want to even look at you."

He starts to walk away, purposefully bumping his shoulder into mine as he walks by, and I note, then, just how tall he is. Nearly my height.

As he breaches the exit, he turns back to me. His face is no devoid of any emotion whatsoever; his eyes are hard, and clear, and his voice rings out so firmly that it breaks me.

"I hate you."

And then, without waiting for my reaction, I watch my little brother walk away for the last time.

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